About Jim Manning

Jim Manning, the visionary behind the Passive Wealth Show, is more than just a podcast show host.

He’s a real estate fund manager who’s cracked the code and created many financially free real estate investors over the past 15+ years of real estate investing.

Over $10 million in passive income through our 3 passive wealth investment strategies in the past 2 years alone.

Through his two distinguished real estate funds and three companies that he’s founded, he offers you an unprecedented chance to build passive wealth.  


A special opportunity

Jim has decided to open up both his own calendar and his team’s calendars to help you learn more about all the ways you can build passive wealth! Schedule a free call with his team:


Building Passive Wealth

Imagine owning real estate assets and reaping the benefits without the headache of doing any of the work. With this course, you’ll discover how to successfully invest in real estate funds in a completely hands-off way.

Learn Jim’s Favorite 3 strategies he used to generate over $10M in passive income in 2022 and 2023 and create financially free investors! It’s  designed to empower you with the knowledge to achieve your financial goal — all at your own pace.

Unlock the secrets of the real estate market! Discover why hedge funds are racing to grab every single-family home in America… and what YOU can do to cash in on the latest real estate investment secrets.

A Decade of Financial Freedom

Joe and Sandy Wessels, entrepreneurs and our first passive real estate investors in 2005, embarked on a financial journey that unfolded over a decade. Entrusting their funds to Jim’s team, they compounded their investment while successfully managing their business. Now retired, they relish in the comfort of more passive income than their monthly expenses.

Fast forward to 2024 and we’ve partnered with over 130 individuals like Joe and Sandy!

The past 2 years we generated over $10M in passive income!